Premier security services have been operating as a top security company in Pakistan since 1995. We have provided our services and consultancy to not only domestic clients but internationally as well. For 20 years we are trying our best to have a sterling reputation for handling complex security and investigative matters.


At premier security services our mission is to provide excellence in security services and to provide our clients with assurance and safety. We value our ethics, integrity, and vigilance that is why we assure our client the virtue and most cost-effective security strategies.


Security services can be a very important part of your overall security strategy. PSS provides different types of security services according to your need. It includes hospital security, hotel security, school security, retail Security, commercial Security, corporate Security, development security, and special events security.  We have a wide range of security solution to keep you and your assets safe from any danger ahead.


Security is one of the crucial aspects of your overall security strategy; do not miss out on the opportunity to improve your safety and security by selecting the correct type of security service. PSS provides a wide range of security systems and surveillance technology that works 24/7. Our experts offer you multiple reliable technologies, including; a fire alarm system, EBAS system, central Monitoring System, and CCTV Surveillance System.


PSS is committed to providing our clients with technological innovations and cost-appropriate security. We constantly strive to keep the latest technology which allows us to provide improved security for our people. PSS offers you; security technology, technology solutions, alarm transmission technology, and the latest IP-based solutions.


PSS has gradually enhanced its strengths by building up our relations with our clients and providing new and contemporary technological services that have a wide range of the system. PSS offers our clients QRF/Alarm response, security services, tracking, mobile patrol security (GPS Patrolling System/Wireless Remote System), investigation, threat, and risk assessment, training, and control room operations, and has a more extensive list of services available.


PSS has inducted a new technology partner with Jazz and together we have been developing a new technology that has brought a revolution in the security industry. This revolution has helped in combining Data and SIM integration to control and trigger panic alerts within 1 second. Before the alert time was between 1-2 minutes but with the help of GSM-based technology, we have introduced much smaller and a quicker way to reduce the trigger time.

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