security technology

Premier Security offers the latest security advancements to keep up with the increasing menaces. Security technology is an essential element of information technology, as it protects businesses and individuals from the myriad of threats that are out there. PSS provide our clients with technologies such as motion sensor, vibration sensors, door contacts, GSM module, backup battery, and more.

technology solutions

From small businesses to large corporations, advanced solutions can help to make operations more efficient, reduce costs and meet the unique needs of any organization. We have a team of experts and resources that offer a holistic approach and can execute accordingly. 

Alarm Transmission Technology

We have an updated alarm transmission technology installed at the customer premises. The panel is secure to our office through PSTN, GSM & IP networks. Our Quick Response Force will be directed to your premises within 5-7 minutes to prevent further damage.

Latest IP based solutions

PSS provides our customers with the latest IP-based solutions hence no delay in securing your property. IP monitoring is an advanced way to monitor your security system. It generates a signal through the network to the monitoring system which is further sent to monitoring station software which is supervised by an operator. This way it is more cost-effective, highly generated signal, secure and flexible. 

Client Case Studies

PSS provides security solutions in a variety of industries.

The Coca-Cola Company is a multinational beverage corporation, operating since 1953. The company offers a broad selection of soft drinks of 6 brands providing sellers and consumers with a range of options for trading and drinking. Coca-Cola Company operating for over 60 years, faces difficulties in managing its inventory count.

Pakistan’s largest and most profitable bank, HBL serving 27 million customers worldwide, faces challenges in its security system and uses PSS to make its system more reliable.