Case Study

The Coca-Cola Company is a multinational beverage corporation, operating since 1953. The company offers a broad selection of soft drinks of 6 brands providing sellers and consumers with a range of options for trading and drinking. Coca-Cola Company operating for over 60 years, faces difficulties in managing its inventory count.


With 6 bottling plants in the region, Coca-Cola Beverages was facing tremendous losses due to the lack of a proper gate control system to track stock movement. Without the ability to accurately count inputs and outputs, the company was at risk of facing numerous FIRs. To address this issue, Coca-Cola Beverages implemented an advanced gate control system to ensure accurate tracking of stock movement and prevent losses. This new system helps to protect the company against potential FIRs and improve its overall operations.

Services provided

Gate supervisor

Gate control system


  1. Less stock reached to suppliers
  2. Loss of money
  3. FIRs against the company


  1. Provide with gate supervisor empowerment
  2. Proper gate control system to keep in check


Premier Security Services has been a great asset to our company, helping to protect us from the risk of embezzlement. With the active gate supervisor and gate control, they provided, we are now at ease and have gained the trust of more suppliers. Their services have allowed us to ensure the safety of our business operations so that we can continue to grow and thrive. We are grateful for their help and support in safeguarding our company.


Business growth

More stock that reaches distributor hence more money

More orders

Increase in trust


Increased business

Increased bottling plant

More efficiency

Maximized profit