QRF/Alarm Response

In today’s ever-changing and increasingly volatile world, the need for a fast response to an unexpected situation is more important than ever. To meet this challenge, Premier Security is proud to offer its clients from all over Pakistan an elite unit of armed forces – the Quick Reaction Force (QRF). Our highly skilled QRF team is comprised of five personnel, each of whom is equipped with tactical weapons, a dedicated vehicle for in-out movement, and VHF radios for communication. Furthermore, every member of the QRF has been trained in counter-terrorism operations, giving them the ability to effectively respond to any situation that may arise. With Premier Security’s Quick Reaction Force, you can trust that your safety and security are in the most capable hands.

Security Services

PSS provides our people with static security services. We have fully trained officers with one year of experience and licensed forces that are fully vetted by APSAA (All Pakistan Security Agencies Association). We have security services available 24/7 and cover 365 days of the year. We assign two guards per shift to facilitate you with continuous security and always ready for any threat.


As technology advances, organizations are increasingly faced with the challenge of staying abreast of the latest security threats. To help organizations stay informed and secure, PSS provides cutting-edge services to track incidents, enforce QRF recommendations, and provide real-time GPS tracking of vehicles and personnel. Our Incident Management Center (IMC) proactively plans, makes decisions and takes action to address any threats that may arise. Additionally, our vehicle tracking system and email/SMS threat alerts provide our clients with the necessary visibility and protection to remain secure in today’s ever-changing environment.

Mobile Patrol security(GPS Patrolling System/Wireless Remote System)

Mobile patrol security from PSS is a cost-effective solution for businesses, properties, and other areas that need to be secured. Our guards are equipped with GPS trackers to ensure they are following pre-determined routes and assigned tasks. Our services include conducting surveillance, responding to alarms, as well as handling any criminal activities. In addition, our mobile patrol guards are highly trained and experienced to ensure that businesses and organizations are getting the highest quality security services. With PSS, you can rest assured that your business and property are safe and secure.


At PSS, we understand that all security issues, including threats and vandalism, are of equal importance. To help our clients protect their businesses, we provide specialist investigators to gather information on threats they may be facing. In Pakistan, many businesses experience security concerns daily, leading to a tarnished reputation and reduced ability to reach their goals. Our team of experts is trained to investigate and acquire accurate data regarding suspicious logins, system behavior, and risk/exposure of stolen data. With our help, businesses can rest assured that their security is in capable hands.

Threat and Risk assessment

PSS conducts threat and risk assessments that identify the risks and provide a solution. It helps to maximize the protection before the issue becomes potential. Risk evaluations are generally complex in nature and allow us to plan our finite resources to address specific concerns and threats to our client’s personnel. We prepare our clients for venue risk assessment, travel risk assessment, district risk assessment, and information security assessment.

Security Audits and security consulting

PSS takes a proactive stance on performance monitoring to guarantee that quality of service and contractual obligations are met. PSS combines procedural and electronic monitoring systems to provide accurate data for internal audits. We collaborate with clients to recognize their worries, design cost-effective solutions to practical implementation instructions, and then associate with specialist consultants to implement these solutions promptly. We deliver comprehensive reports to clients as per their specifications and, when allowed, collaborate with site operations to address any issues or concerns.


PSS is a leading security company in Pakistan and offers a comprehensive training program. We believe that constructing proficiency and ability is a key component of stabilizing and reinforcing a skilled workforce, which complements the other aspects of our core practices and leads to heightened capacity building. Our company offers training in different sectors such as induction to static guarding, live firing practice, patrolling, surveillance awareness training, radio communication patrols, and emergency response management.

control room operations

At PSS, we provide comprehensive Control Room Operation services, giving you 24/7 access to experienced and highly trained operators who can monitor movements and request a Quick Response Force if needed. Our operators will instantly notify you of any activity, and our staff regularly checks the camera status, resolution of the video, and CCTV operating system performance, ensuring all activity is fully recorded and monitored. With our expert control room services, you can be sure that your property is safe and secure.

Employee Verification

At PSS, we understand the importance of proper verification of employee identity and background. That is why we take extra care to double-check every one of the employees we hire. We go through their identity, qualifications, criminal record, and other credentials to ensure that we provide our clients with the best possible deal. With our rigorous verification process, you can rest assured that the employees you hire are whom they say they are.

parking enforcement

Premier Security offers reliable and affordable parking enforcement solutions. Our personnel is committed to ensuring peace of mind by vigilantly monitoring for violations. WGSS is the go-to local choice for professional, cost-efficient parking management services for any public or private property. We understand the importance of providing confidence and eliminating the stress associated with parking.